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At Fruta Tropical we take great pride in bringing you a rich tasting, high-quality fruit puree all year round.

Grown in Colombia’s best orchards, we pick the best fresh fruits at their perfect stage of ripeness and through a modern process remove the peel and seed to extract its pulp. 

Immediately after, the pulp is pasteurised and quickly frozen to preserve the purity and nutritional properties of the fruit. 

A smooth process adapted to each fruit, respecting fruit and nature, for a tasty result.




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With more than 30 years of experience in the food industry sector, we are currently one of the main fruit puree producers in Colombia exporting to more than 20 countries. 

Fruta Tropical® Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company specialized in the import and distribution of tropical fruit puree. We supply the Australian food service industry with a high quality, 100% natural pure fruit product. 


  • Quality - Rich, natural taste typical of fresh fruit.
  • Price - Avoid price fluctuations. Same cost all year round.
  • Availability - Consistent quality available throughout the seasons.
  • Variety - Range of tropical fruits as well as exotic SouthAmerican fruits new to the Australian market.
  • Savings/Stock Control - Major savings in preparation costs. Avoid losses of perishables.
  • Storage - Small storage space / low packaging residue.

Fruta Tropical® proudly supports Colombia's farmers and their families.

Retail Industry

Cafés, Restaurants, Juice Bars, Delis, Supermarkets...

Portion Control Fruit Puree

Used to prepare smoothies, frappes, juices, cocktails or any fruit based drink. Major savings in preparation costs. Zero waste!


Cafés, Restaurants and Juice Bars

100g portion (10 x 100g portions per bag)
Convenient package for drink preparation.


Supermarkets, Greengrocers and Delis

4 pack (4 x 100g portions per bag)
Stocked in stores.



Food Service Industry

Catering, Hotels, School Canteens, Hospitality...

Shelf Stable Fruit Puree

100% natural long life fruit puree. No refrigeration needed.

1kg food grade aseptic bag
Once opened, must be refrigerated and used within seven days.
Available with or without added sugar.


Manufacturing Industry

Frozen Puree or Shelf Stable Puree

20kg box
2 x 10kg food grade polythene linerbags.

200kg drum
Metallic drum with food grade polythene liner.

1kg food grade aseptic bag
Once opened, must be refrigerated and used within seven days. Available with or without added sugar.

Storage Conditions 

Shelf Stable Puree
Store in cool, dry area at or below 24˚C. Refrigerate after opening and consume within seven days.

Frozen Puree
Store at or below -18˚C. Defrost at a temperature between +2 ˚C and +4 ˚C for 24 - 48 hours.